Welcome Friends

It’s so exciting to share this website with you.  We continually research and look for new products that can be there reliably for us when we are cooking those amazing recipes.  I don’t want to just throw junk products your way to buy things.  I want you to have the tools and equipment that you find very useful as I do.  The people that follow me have become a community of friends and we invite you to join us too.  We appreciate your comments and input.  It’s about helping people across the street and around the world.

With 7 kids and a grandbaby, I need equipment and processes that are QUICK, EASY and FUN to use. Not only for myself but for my whole family – kids included.  Cooking should be fun for everyone.  

Cooking “Farr Better Recipes” with friends and your new kitchen items make for good times and great memories. 

Cooking with Ease and Enjoyment

People have told me they really enjoy using these products.  I personally use many of these products and highly recommend them to you. 

A lot of research has gone into finding the right products to use in my kitchen and now yours too. I have looked over the reviews, compare them to other products and spent a lot of time making sure I made the right decision.  That’s why I am confident in sharing these products with you.  

I am sure you will find this website very useful.

What do I look for?

aI look for things that speed up the cooking process. Time is precious and I can appreciate that.

aI look for things that are easy for the whole family to use.  I have many tools and equipment that are children friendly.

aI look for things that the family can use to be creative.  It’s nice when family/friends/co-workers can have a good time together working in group activities such as cooking.  


aI look for 4+ star ratings… and a lot of them!  I want to make sure what I am buying has good reviews and provides great service.

aI look for products that are reasonably priced.  I want to purchase an affordable yet very reliable product.  


To use these products in delicious, mouth watering recipes, visit “Farr Better Recipes